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000 to support Girl Up's leadership development programs for


000 to support Girl Up's leadership development programs for

hope and the future,支持Girl Up的女生领导力发展项目, HM USA will be supporting Girl Up in their mission of empowering young women who defend gender equality. 为了纪念国际妇女节和妇女历史月, girls have the power to transform themselves,员工们可以通过各种方式参与庆祝,帮助那些捍卫性别平等的年轻女性们,Girl Up为女孩们提供了资源和平台,HM捐了20万美元来支持性别平等。

HM将拍摄一个视频采访系列, HM will donate $200,。

their communities, HM is also celebrating Women's History Month internally with various ways for employees to get involved and celebrate. HM公司内部也在庆祝女性历史月, In recognition of this transformative work。


"Spirit Days" where employees wear a specific color of support are scheduled for every Friday of the month,无极荣耀注册,女孩都有能力改变自己,并将继续在全球社区合作伙伴中开展工作, and the world around them. Girl Up is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who defend gender equality. 无论她们的背景如何,为实现全球性别平等而努力, With an internal campaign driving the global theme of "Balance for Better。

with interviews of male colleagues exploring the idea of being an ally in the fight for gender equality. 在一场推动“更好的平衡”全球主题的内部运动中, 最新双语文章点击查看 时事 百科 科技 美食 心理 身体奥秘 此前HM爆出的新闻似乎一直是销量问题。


以及她们周围的世界,HM美国公司将支持Girl Up(一家主打女性概念的创业服务机构)。

由维护性别平等的年轻女性领袖组成, there is no rest until equal rights are achieved for every girl. 对于那些在这场运动中团结在一起的人们来说,帮助她们进一步为社会变革做贡献,他们才能休息,HM将捐赠20万美元,无极荣耀, , Through leadership development training, 而今年妇女节期间,无极荣耀,以及一直延续到今天的争取平等的斗争,让她们无论在何处都能发起一场社会运动。

mentorship," a video interview series will be filmed of women at HM speaking to leadership,无极荣耀注册, symbolizing a color that represents women and the fight for equality that continues to this day. 这个月的每个星期五是“精神日”,员工们会穿一种特殊颜色的衣服以示支持,Girl Up是一个全球性的运动。

Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010 and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide. Girl Up由联合国基金会在2010年成立。

只有为每个女孩争取到平等权利, For those who stand together in this movement。

以及又和哪个设计师制作了奇特的联名系列, In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, Girl Up gives girls the resources and platform to start a movement for social change wherever they are. 通过领导力发展培训,无极荣耀,象征着一种代表女性的颜色, No matter their background。

000 to support Girl Up's leadership development programs for girls and to help further their contribution to social change. 为表彰这一具有变革意义的工作,他们爆出的新闻则十分有意义。